3/14/24 Breeze

Breeze is our Church Management System. It is how the office keeps track of so many things—like people (you!), groups of people, calendar, pledging, giving, communication, and more. If you are reading this blog, you likely got here from the eWeekly which was sent to a “group of people” interested in receiving communications—so you are in Breeze. The eWeekly was created in Breeze, as well. People get added to Breeze by filling in a Blue Card or contacting the office.

You can also access the information in Breeze and even update your own information. If you have credentials (user id/password), you can access your account and “see” other people in the church (Breeze is a picture directory) and their contact information: only limited information about other people. You can add a picture of yourself (or send me a picture and I’ll add it). You can make a contribution–and even make it repeat monthly. You can see what informatin we have about you: your pledging, your giving, your volunteer assignments and you can even update some of the information about yourself—contact info, e.g. There are considerable “walls” that limit access to only those needing it. So rest assured your giving is not seen by others except for the Treasurer and admin.

As someone who has worked in systems during my career, I am impressed with how robust and secure Breeze is and the opportunities it provides us to be more efficient in the office. As treasure, I manage everyone’s giving and pledging. Breeze does the reporting back to you for you annual giving. I do close monitoring and over the past 5 years, I have never found an error or concern.

If you would like to have credentials and access your account, goto: https://ashlanducc.breezechms.com. Now if you already have your credentials, this will take you directly to the logon page, asking for your userid/password. You can have your password reset if you forgot it. For a little more info, go to: https://ashlandpeacechurch.org/what-is-breeze/

And if you need any help understanding Breeze or accessing it, please do not hesitate to ask Linda Anderson.