3/1/23: Connections

Karen is being asked “what next?” Here is her response to her team:

“We are already seeing the results!  People have been able to share their grief, their hopes, and their experiences with others in a way that has been healing and helping us to move forward.  We are grateful for so many participants who shared honestly and who are praying and serving so that the church will thrive.”

In other words, part of our healing was participating in these Listening Posts. Karen and her team are now reviewing the pages and pages of notes taken during the Listening Posts, from which will come recommendations and next steps as we continue to heal.

Thru these Listening Posts, so many connections have been made thru sharing our pain, our joy, our dreams. And Fred keeps reminding us that we gather “for Connections, not Perfection.”

Another way to make connections is during Hospitality. With two services, everyone can connect between services. If you come to 10:30 service, plan to arrive about 10 and enjoy Hospitality Connections before services. Folks are being asked to bring 3 plates of goodies for Hospitality, so that one plate can be brought out for after the 10:30 service for a second go at Hospitality.

And speaking of Hospitality, I have the church divided into 4 Cohorts—each being asked to provide snacks for 1 of every 4 months. Please know that Hospitality is not a competitive sport. Simple is Good! And always appreciated. And if you are not in any cohort, let me know and I will add you. Or fill in the form below.

Finally, Ushers & Greeters also help with Connections. If you are willing to be contacted and asked to “Ush” or “Greet”, fill in this form. There are many needs to making church happen!