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June 2021

3rd Dispatch from the Hills

Over the past couple weeks, I have eased into the “Poetry, Pine Trees and Play” part of sabbatical. While supporting the other three family members who are trying to finish this strangest of school years, I’ve collected supplies and gear for backpacking adventures and researched several potential routes. I’ve both trekked solo and joined a »


2nd Dispatch from the Hills

This first part of Sabbatical was themed “Faith and Family.” If you followed Adam’s Facebook travelogue or the handful of posts on my author’s page, you’ve gotten a small taste. Thanks to the marvelous science of vaccination, our family was able to take our planned trip to Egypt and Cyprus with only a couple minor »


1st Dispatch from the Hills

My sabbatical officially started March 28. And yeah. It’s weird. After 16 years, this might be the first Holy Week I am not producing for other people. My task for these next four months? To explore “the hills dressed with pure joy” (from Psalm 65), both literal and spiritual, without skipping the valleys in between »