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October 2020

Christina Kukuk Sermon: Kin to Sorrow 2 (October 25, 2020)


October 25, 2020 / Kin to Sorrow: Reflections on Suffering with Job #2 // Rev. Christina G. Kukuk // Congregational UCC, Ashland, Oregon // “Telling it Like It Is”: Job 3:1-10 Intro. Last week, our scriptures introduced us to Job and his suffering. In two brief chapters of prologue, Job lost wealth, property, children, and »


Christina Kukuk Sermon: “Kin to Sorrow 1” (October 18, 2020)


October 18, 2020 / “Kin to Sorrow: Reflections on Suffering with Job” Series / Congregational UCC, Ashland, OR // Rev. Christina G. Kukuk // “Once Upon a Time: The Set-Up”: Job 1:1-22; Intro That year, it just seemed to be one thing after another. That year, my friend[1] out in Minnesota could not get a »