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July 2019

Rev. Fred Grewe: “The Push of a Thin Silence”, 7/28/19

Rev. Fred Grewe

Sermon – 7/28/209 The Push of a Thin Silence Fred Grewe The message on my phone said it was a high priority. The hospice case manager had called to request I visit Peggy right away because she was talking suicide, the folks at her facility were all worked up about it – and they wanted »


Rev. Christina Kukuk: “Looking for Love: Kiss Me!” (Jul 7, 2019)

Rev. Christina Kukuk

July 7, 2019 // Summer of Love Series: “Looking for Love: Oh God!” // Rev. Christina G. Kukuk // First Congregational UCC, Ashland, Oregon // “Kiss Me!”: Psalm 63 (Call to Worship); Song of Songs 3:1-4; “Twenty-One Love Poems: III” by Adrienne Rich from The Dream of a Common Language Intro: She came to see »