2/8/23: Breeze SignUps

Is there Breeze fatigue? Do you receive a Breeze request to sign-up and go “Ugh!”—delete! When I receive these messages, I often think—I’ll look at it later, only to have it buried in my volume of email. Or maybe you aren’t getting the requests—our lists grow stale!

One of the things that Breeze is very good at is managing lists (they are called tags). Who receives Newsletter, or eWeekly and zoom link, who is in which Neighborhood Circle, who is in which Listening Post—and so on. There is security that allows certain people to see, edit, or add people to these lists. And if you find yourself on a list and don’t want to be on it, you can ask the office to remove you.

And some of these lists are volunteers: Ushers, Greeters, Worship Leaders, Hospitality, e.g. Breeze also manages volunteers for events (church services, e.g.)—and that is how we sign people up for these various tasks, which are managed by Laurie Carter, Lucy Strasburg, and myself. We send you a signup request from Breeze asking that you sign up—and then Breeze remembers and sends reminders.

Sorry to be so detailed, but it is not a much-known process that is happening in the background. It is the alternative to the endless clipboards sent around during services. And it works really well to the extent that we have the right lists to begin with.

I have told you that I have updated my own Hospitality Lists into 4 lists—one for each month—so that you do not receive so many requests for Hospitality. But maybe you would be willing to Usher, or Greet, or be Worship Leader and are not on one of our lists. The longer our lists the less often we have to send out sign-up requests.

With a new InPerson Service beginning on Feb 26th, we have a need for even more volunteers. If you are willing to be on a list to be asked to sign up, GO HERE to a form and let us know in which way you might be willing to volunteer (be sure to SUBMIT at the end). The goal is not that you get too many sign-up requests but that you get fewer—and that only willing people receive them.

With much Thanks for your consideration.