2/29/24 Such Generosity

Comments that I have heard about last Saturday’s Talent Show mirror my own. It was a fantastic First Annual! So much talent—varied—fun—inspiring—you get the point! If you missed it, you will want to be sure to go next year! Thank you to organizers, Linda Bailey and Kathleen King and the Parish Ministry Team.

There were 2 fund raisings as part of the Talent Show: Food Bank raised $867 and $424 was raised for Good Sam fund. So generosity reined last Saturday—generosity in the sharing of talent by about 25 folks and generosity of the purse, with both the Food Bank and our own Good Sam Fund benefiting.

Then there is the generosity of pew chairs. The chairs cost a total of $8,939. To date, we have received $7,175, leaving $1,764 unpaid. So if you would consider the gift of a $75 chair or part of a chair, or many chairs, that would be terrific. You can give here—select fund = “Pew Chairs”.

With abundant thanks to all the generosity of this church.