2/22/24 Pew Chairs + Nominating Committee

So far we have received over $5,000 for the Pew Chairs, which cost $9,939. If you haven’t already bought the place for your derriere in church, please consider. A chair cost $75 and a few generous donors have brought that price way down. Consider $50 or even $25 or buy 10 chairs for $750!! You can do this online—select “Give to Pew Chairs” in the first dropdown.

It is that time of year to think of leadership for our next fiscal year, beginning 7/1/24—by selecting New Council members and Ministry Team leaders. Council has formed our Nominating Committee: Connie Alexander, John Love, Mary Martin, and Julia Roupp. If you are feeling called to serve or want to know more about it, give any one of these folks a jingle—or an email.

And save the date: Fred is planning a Leadership Retreat, Saturday, May 18, 9-1—it is for all current, new and interested future leaders. The goal is inspiration and thinking about who we want to become as church.