2/22/23: Feedback to our staff

2/22/23 BLOG: Feedback to our staff

When sitting in church, do you ever have something come up that you are bursting to say to one of our amazing staff members? Something Fred said that struck you? A piece of music that Karl played? Wendy’s friendliness? Or Phil’s smooth management of the zoom service? Or something you need to talk to Tege about? Or appreciation for how tidy and neat our church is for Teri and Don?

Compliments or Positive comments are always great to hear. Karen tells me that everyone in healthy relationships needs 4 positive comments (“thanks”, “that was great”, “I really liked…”, e.g.) for every suggestion of change. That said, suggestions can be very important feedback too.

BUT … the best time is not right after church. Our staff are hard-working folks and at church they are in the midst of juggling lots of balls—keeping track of their time, their tasks, and looking forward to rest. Even a well-placed “thank you” will be quickly forgotten. A suggestion is even more likely to slide off one’s back.

So my suggestion is to hold that thought—be it supportive feedback or suggestion for change. I sometimes pull out my phone and write myself an email—so I don’t forget? Or write a note on my program to take home.

Then I can take the time to write a personal note—a gift that can keep on giving if the recipient leaves it out to remember. They can be sent to church. Or sent as a personal email. Let our staff know how their work has touched you—Thank them—Appreciate them. But not on Sunday!