2/15/24 Pew Chairs

It is important to know that the pews have been discussed for some time. Multiple people with knowledge of wooden things have said our pews are not antiques or in any way precious or salvageable. They have been repaired and repaired again over the past 20 years of their life with us and have become somewhat fragile.

The pew chairs (or sanctuary chairs) that have been ordered are chairs that the Goodman-Morrises are familiar with from their church in California, where they were used in their theatre, with good wear and tear and long life of functioning. The final tab is $8,939 for 100 20” chairs. As of 2 weeks ago, $6,500 had been pledged.

So this is an opportunity to participate in a little fund raiser—buy your pew chair. Any gift is appreciated. The chairs cost about $75 each (+ shipping and dollies). Any and all donation are appreciated. If more than $8,939 is received, the extra funds will go towards the building, which needs residing and painting. So it all will go to good and visible use!

Donations can be made online (put “Pew Chair” in the note—or email me that you made the gift for pew chairs) or by check (“Pew Chair” in the memo line) or cash (in envelope, marked with “Pew Chair”) and left in the plate or safe (slot outside of downstairs church office).

We hoped for the chairs by Easter, but I believe it will be early summer.

And a huge THANK YOU to Mark Goodman-Morris who did a yeoman’s job of figuring this all out and the many hands who helped him.