2/15/23: This and That

Did you sign-up for Valentines Chocolates by Anya? Oh my—were these quite delicious. Al and I got two boxes so we didn’t have to compromise. Anya also makes cakes—you can request one for your birthday party? I missed it, but she made quite a delicious sheet cake for after church recently.

Finance Committee has been busy. We have welcomed a new member, Paul Smith. We are moving our $50k in Cornerstone Funds to Morgan Stanley brokered CDs at about 3x the interest. We also will have a preferred savings account at Morgan Stanley with excess funds from Umpqua that can be easily transferred back and forth to our Umpqua Checking. Tege has received a raise that is most appropriate for the level of work she provides. We have raised the pay scale and # of hours/week for the sought-after Sunday School teacher—do you know of someone who will provide such good care as our children deserve?

Greg Jahnke is leading our Stewardship for our next fiscal year with the able assistance of Kay Sandberg & Marsha King-Rosine. Connie Alexander and Don Seebart are helping with Nominations for our leadership for next year.

And council is weighing the issue of our heating system. With the failure of our boiler recently (since repaired and working), thoughts of converting to green energy vis-à-vis Heat Pump/ mini-splits technology is being considered. Not only would this be green, it would also provide air conditioning and smoke free environment. Council is asking facilities folks and Greg Jahnke (Stewardship) to attend for a discussion of issues to help us with making a decision for our next Council meeting on 3/8/23.