2/1/24 Quarterly Meeting

The Quarterly meeting packet contained reports from Fred and me, as well as the prior meeting’s minutes and a summary financial report, showing really strong result.

Fred’s report includes his goals for the coming year. Becky Martin, Carry Bailey, and I met with Fred in lieu of a performance review. We had well established Fred’s performance against his goals for last year—and we talked about what lies ahead. My report included the answer to the question how big is our congregation. It is not an easy question to answer—as lots of nuance—but came to a satisfactory answer of around 160.

Mark Goodman-Morris gave a report on the Pew Chairs, with one on display on the Dais. There remain a few details to iron out, but once they are ready, council will be asked to aoprove before they place the order, We are talking $8-$10k in cost and all have agreed to pay for these with fund raising—so you can buy your own chair!! There has already been a commitment of over half this amount. Perhaps you can buy half a chair! It is pretty exciting. It should be noted that the existing pews have no inherent value. They are not good wood and have become rickety.

We also voted to remove the Reconciling Committee from the Bylaws. John Love explained that the Bylaws committee wrestled with the idea of this committee and left it in with some ambivalence. Fred talked about how the work of reconciliation, important work indeed, is not to be taken lightly by untrained members of the church. Everyone present agreed, so the Bylaws will be updated.

Finally, we got to the issue of the Pride Flag, there having been a Talkback to discuss the Sunday before, with only 13 people. We voted Sunday about flying the flag and all agreed—it is a symbol of our church’s agreement to be Open & Affirming, made in the 1990s. There remains some question as to which flag we should fly. I am asking Justice & Witness to provide an advocate for any of the flags for which there is interest—and I will ask them to present their reasons for selecting that flag in this space, along with a picture. We want to do this before the April 14th Quarterly Meeting. With all of this information available, we can then vote on which flag to fly!

If you are interested in how we operate as a church, download the packet:

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