2/1/23: Something New

Fred is now leading a Bible Study—deep dive into the text—Friday at noon on zoom. Link is in the eWeekly. I attended last week and really like Fred’s style. I learned about translations, what that could tell us about what Jesus said or did; about authorship and what that tells us. The Beatitudes are so familiar and lend themselves to a naïve interpretation—but moving them to another language gave them a deeper meaning. I left perplexed about how anyone can be so certain what the “good book” says when it can be looked at from a different angle with slightly different meaning. Sort of like the blind men and the elephant—and how each saw it as a particular thing—all correct in part but none understood the whole. And they all saw it different one from another. Like God. Like Jesus. Like the Bible. And like the brokenness of our church last year.

We have rounded the corner of our fiscal year into its second half. Looking ahead, we have two things beginning:

            Stewardship will be led by Greg Jahnke. He is forming his committee.

            Nominating will soon begin seeking next year’s church leadership.

If you have an interest in leadership in the coming fiscal year (beginning July 1), please let me know of your interest. There are plenty of openings—perhaps we can find a fit. And if you are asked to take a spot, please consider it.