1st Dispatch from the Hills

My sabbatical officially started March 28. And yeah. It’s weird. After 16 years, this might be the first Holy Week I am not producing for other people. My task for these next four months? To explore “the hills dressed with pure joy” (from Psalm 65), both literal and spiritual, without skipping the valleys in between where “wrongdoing overwhelms us.”

Snapshot: Me & my brother whooping down Mt. Ashland in the spring snow, like we grew up doing on much less impressive Midwest runs. It was a glorious day. And we played Shaggy & Sting’s album all the way up and all the way back down the mountain. (When kids love a song, they LOVE it and there is no such thing as too much repetition.)

Play Soundtrack on Spotify: Shaggy & Sting—”Just One Lifetime”.

With Joy,

Rev. Christina

[Editor’s Note: Originally written March 30, 2021.]