12/7/22: Listening Posts

We have hired Dr. Rev Karen McClintock to support our healing from whatever happened in this church over the past year or years. She is an expert at this sort of things—has worked with many churches, with great success.

She has a Self-Study Team (Kari Gies, Hannah Horn, Becky Martin, Leslie Stone, Sandy Theis, Laurie True) who are supporting her in organizing Listening Posts, many groups of up to 8 of us scheduled into February where we each will tell our story. There will be questions or cues for us to respond to in a safe, intimate setting. Each Listening Post will have a member of the Self-Study Team act as scribe—taking notes not of who said what, but of what was said. Karen will be at every Listening Post meeting, guiding us, listening for the themes.

For couples, we want you BOTH to sign up—for different times. If you are on the edges, not sure if you want to stay or leave, we want to hear from you. If you left our church, we want to hear from you. We want to hear from EVERYONE.

We sent out an eFlash last week and so far 22 people have signed up. But there are 154 people in our list. So that is a lot of folks not responding. I know the Self Study Team is going to make phone calls to sign you up. Or you can make it a lot easier on us by signing up right here by clicking on FORM.

And if you are one of those folks who just can’t do tech, email Laurie True, ltrue@calwic.org, or call her at (916) 607-4822, and tell her the day/time you wish to sign up for:

Sat 1/21 @ 10:30 am – FULL

Tue 1/24 @ 2 pm – PAST

Tue 1/31 @ 1 pm

Tues 2/7 @ 3 pm

Thur 2/16 @ 4 pm

Sat 2/18 @ 10 am

Let’s all participate for ourselves, for one another, for our church. We need this step before moving into searching for a new settled minister.