12/28/23: Christmas and beyond

Wow! That was an amazing Christmas Eve service. Since there were so many in attendance (230, as compared to 164 last year), you were probably there. I arrived early so was near the front. When the Carols were sung, I was blown away. I don’t think I have ever heard that big of sound in our church before. The strings were beautiful—such a restful beginning to this special service. And Greg’s oboe—and the choir—and Fred’s message—and …. Thank you to all who had a part, however small. Such a grand Christmas Eve doesn’t happen on its own.

“Beyond” is looking to next year. Our conference has a Committee on Ministry that is presenting two new ministers at Ecclesiastical Councils. There is a need for a quorum and all churches are asked to send delegates—we may have 4 + a youth delegate. Folks interested/willing to serve will register, read the Ordination Paper, log into zoom to hear the candidate defend her paper. Delegates may pose questions. And then delegates vote. If the candidate is accepted for ordination, that will occur when called to a church. That is how one becomes an ordained minister in the UCC.

There are 2 candidates:

  • Molli Mitchell, Jan 13th at 11 am
  • Kristy Sibley, Feb 10th at 11 am

One delegate has volunteered. If you are interested or might be interested, please let me know and I will send you the links to papers, registration, and zoom. This is a great opportunity to see our Central Pacific Conference at work.