12/28/22: Christmas just past

I am writing this on Christmas Day, laid up as I am, quarantined with Covid. We are both taking Paxlovid and feeling better, looking forward to being well!

The focus of church at this time of year is always Christmas—and Fred did such an amazing job of providing enriching Christmas Eve Services (I watched both on zoom) and a sweet Christmas morning for the small cadre of lovely people who joined him in front of the fire.

In case you missed any of these, for the 5:00 service, Fred came forward as a Shepherd, leading his trusty camel to tell us of what he saw—the bright light—the fear—the angel. Fred was a very convincing shepherd that night—and his camel was accompanied by some sheep! It was only in hind sight that I got giggly at the thought of a shepherd with his camel! But at our church, why not—we have such a good camel (thanks to Sherri Morgan!). The highlight of the 8:00 pm service was the string quartet that Karl Iverson brought to us. It was a lovely and peaceful service, ending as it does with candlelit “Silent Night.”

And Christmas morning was around the fire with some singing of familiar songs and telling stories of Christmases past. A wonderful feature was after the service, which I missed—Anya Tatarenko had prepared a cake that all enjoyed along with hot chocolate.

Thank You FRED!