11/8/23: Sunday Space for Children

Council has been looking for that special someone who can be our kids’ Sunday School teacher. We found her — now all we need is more children! Nancy Wilkinson comes with so much talent and energy and experience with children. She has gussied up the downstairs room with art, supplies, a puppet stage, and more children-fun things! Take a look!

Nancy goes with the children downstairs after the children’s story time during the 10:30 service. She engages the children with art, puppets, storytelling and lessons to enrich their lives. She is looking for children to be puppeteers for stories.


It’s not too soon to cast the Christmas pageant. She’d like the cast to come from the children in Sunday school. So help Nancy out in finding all these kids in town who want the warm, energetic, loving and joy-filled time on Sunday Mornings.