11/22/23: Pies & Stories of Gratitude

Last Sunday, we served up about a dozen pies to those gathered after church—over 50 people. I left with a sugar high! From pumpkin to key lime, peach cobbler to chocolate cream pie, and more. And whipped cream. Nice preview to Thanksgiving dessert!

And while we ate, we heard Anya Tatarenko tell us their family experience of living in Ukraine before the war, the horror of the war, and their leaving for Poland where they met Scott Banderoff. It is Scott that began Uniting for Ukraine – Rogue Valley and the Tatarenko’s were the first family he brought here. We saw some before pictures—beautiful portrait of the couple’s wedding, of Yurik receiving his yellow belt, of Anya’s parents. Their house no longer exists—they lived in Mariuple–they fled to Poland and went from one temporary place to another. It is chilling to imagine. And then the gratitude of their lives here in America, where they would like to remain. Their gratitude to the church for their temporary home—their safe place to heal as family.

Anya has a license to use their home kitchen to bake cakes and cookies and peroshkies to sell. In fact she showed us some of her very original and darling cakes (like SpongeBob Square Pants!). She has made some sheet cakes for the church from time-to-time. If you would be interested in purchasing a home-made, decorated cake from Anya, the best way to reach her is to text her at: (458) 265-0994. With a text, she can use Google Translate to better understand your message.

Have a lovely and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!