11/29/23: New format for eWeekly

Breeze has rolled out a very extensive Design Email software that we have switched to from using MailChimp. I hope you agree that this is a cleaner, cheerier eWeekly look. Wendy is doing a great job creating the eWeekly these days and she and I are getting additional training from Breeze this week.

I have just added to our eWeekly and other communication an Opt-Out from receiving communication (or Opt-In, if you prefer). This is in lieu of the Unsubscribe that existed in our MailChimp template, and brings this information InHouse. If you had previously Unsubsubscribed in our former MailChimp environment, I have not captured that. Please feel free to Opt-out in this new form.

The one thing we must now do is have a single place for those who Opt-In for all Communication. We will not keep track of the eWeekly Unsubscribe separate from the Zoom link Unsubscribe requests. I apologize if that is inconvenient for you. But we need to sreamline.

We have used MailChimp for some years quite successfully, though it had its issues and we had no access to support. It was free. Now we have this more robust tool to use and I hope you enjoy the new look. I am excited to see how we learn to use it better. Your feedback is always appreciated.