11/2/22: Welcome Pastor Fred!

Fred is now our Interim Minister—the guy in charge—our adult supervision—and our minister! After 6 months of wandering the wilderness, we face our future with renewed energy and excitement of what lies ahead—with thanks especially to our Office Business Manager, Tege Phillips, and her mighty assistant, Wendy Wysong-Leighton; our Church Council (past and present) who have dedicated their time to steer this ship;  and to our Wisdom Council and other clergy who have filled our pulpit, provided pastoral care, and come together with Council in support and concern! We made it!

Fred’s office is almost complete. New paint. Finished book cases. New LED ceiling lights. New blinds. Once the phones are in and electrical outlets finished, the furniture can be moved in. Soon! Thank YOU, Sherri, once again. You know how to move a project forward quickly and on budget! And thanks, too, to Judy Harger-Gedeon for finding the leather “minister’s chair” and lending your fine aesthetic. Thanks also to Don and Teri for your solution of a locked cupboard in the downstairs bathroom for your supplies. It will have taken 4 weeks. And it is all good!

Council will work with Fred to create Goals for this first year that are realistic, measureable, and relevant. We will also be prioritizing his responsibilities. I am looking forward to having Fred at our Council meetings—his support, his assurance, his ideas! This is really quite exciting. Join me in saying “Hallelujah!” and “Amen.”