11/1/23: Quarterly Meeting

We had 33 people at our Quarterly meeting. If you were unable to attend, here is a summary:

We passed our final budget for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

We approved Our Relationship Agreement.


  • We have received bequests from the estate of Donna Swanson ($10,000) and Ed & Sheila Hungerford (61,108). These monies are in the Memorial Fund for now, in a discreet account. Paula asked that we consider the Cornerstone Fund for our investing.
  • Greg Jahnke announced that he and his committee (Kay Sandberg, Marsha King-Rosine, Paul Smith, and Leslie Stone) will be looking at establishing our Endowment Fund—how it is invested, managed, and spent.
  • Worship & Spiritual Growth have recognized some important Capital Needs. Since these may not be all inclusive, we will be creating a Strategic Planning Group to consider needs, priorities, and funding. In the meantime, Council has approved a smaller fund raising to replace our pews, which are growing ever more fragile.
  • Justice & Witness will be considering our Pride Flag—whether we should update it to a newer flag and what that means. There will be a talk-back and, hopefully, a motion at our January Quarterly neetibg.
  • The Search Team, a wonderfully diverse group, has been commissioned and will now begin its work of search.
  • Celebrations:
    • Laurie True, for her effective hiring of Casey Busch, as business manager, and Nancy Wilkinson, as Children & Youth Assistant. Laurie and her team are now working on job descriptions.
    • Phil Eschtruth Harrison, for his excellence in broadcasting our services and managing the acquisition and use of new equipment.
    • Rev Dr. Karen McClintock, for her successful work with us as consultant, guiding us in deep healing and showing us the way to health.

Our next Quarterly Meeting will be in January.