10/8/22: Miscellany

  1. In case you missed it, check out last week’s blog about hiring our consultant, Rev. Dr. Karen McClintock.
  2. The Minister’s Office is being moved to the Church Basement to what has been known as the Linzey Room. Sherri is getting bids for the Bookcases/Cabinets at the end of the room. Christna’s desk will be moved in. Pleated blinds will be installed in the windows. The walls will be painted. Judy Harger-Gedeon is lending her aesthetic, ensuring a fine office for our minister—Interim and future. Tege is in process of upgrading phones. Electrical outlets will be added. How are we paying for this? We have a final month without a minister—and that salary will provide the funds. The prior 3 months without a minister supplied funds for our Consultant and partial offset to the lowered level of pledging.
  3. The Morton House is being emptied. Sherri is planning on laying a new sidewalk for safety, removing the Red bud tree at the right front corner of the house. The Dishwasher and dryer both work. A tall book shelf will be moved into the Shepherd Room to be home to the books from the house. And then we can rent the house for needed income.
  4. We have received a generous bequest from Joe Collogne–$14,750. The Finance Committee will be considering how to direct these funds, as they were received without specific purpose. For those who may not know, Sally Collogne has moved to Idaho to be nearer to her family.
  5. We will have a budget presented at the Quarterly meeting on 10/23: it will not include the rental income or any spending of the Collogne bequest. Karen will tell us a bit about her consulting plans. And Fred is going to lead a discussion on our flags/signs. Phil has agreed to air this meeting on Zoom for those who cannot attend in person. Hope you can attend following church.