10/4/23: New Staff

So last week, we shed a tear while saying goodbye to our beloved Tege (who will be back, just not as staff). Now it is time to cheer Halelujia for 2 new staff people!!

You may have already met Casey Busch, who has been working hard to mount the learning curve to being our next successful and beloved Business Manager. Casey and her partner Zach moved to Ashland the way many do—visited an aunt and fell in love with Ashland. So here they are—and just in time to answer our job posting. Serendipity? Or God working in our midst? Either way, we are delighted to have Casey and her abundance of energy and work ethic and prior skills. Casey is attending church—but remember—that is Casey’s church time, not her work time!

Welcome Casey!

The other new hire is Nancy Wilkinson, who will be our Children & Youth Education Assistant. Nancy brings so much experience, creativity and joy to the work, and will help us rebuild our program for kids and young families! Nancy and her husband, Mike, were living in Tucson, AZ when they decided it was time to move to Ashland, where both had visited to see the plays at OSF over the years. Nancy saw our job posting and called Fred to express her interest. They sold their house in AZ, they bought a lovely house in Mt. Meadows with an amazing art studio, and they are officially Ashlanders! Welcome to both Nancy and Mike. And Thank you Nancy for your energy and creativity to share with lucky children of this community!

Welcome Nancy!

And thanks to Laurie True and our amazing Personnel Committee for managing these two new hires.