10/25/23: Workshop & Quarterly Meeting

Last Saturday, 25 of us met with Karen for her final time with us as consultant. Karen has led us ably through some hard times and we are emerging stronger and more healthy than ever! Karen’s report to us will be in the Quarterly Meeting Packet attached to your Saturday Zoom Link email. She will continue to worship and participate with us as a Church congregant. Be sure to thank her for the amazing work she has done.

One of the things Karen talked about on Saturday is “Words.” Words can build community and deepen relationships. But Words can also tear us apart. So we were reminded again of ways to not communicate: indirectly, speaking for anonymous, passive-aggressively, and pass-through. When we understand the pitfalls of such unhealthy “words”, we can suggest alternatives to our fellow congregants and redirect to more healthy communication. It is my goal to work on this.

This Sunday Tyler Connoley, our conference minister, will be preaching AND after the service, we will gather for our Quarterly Meeting. We will be passing the final budget for this year (we have been operating on a preliminary budget) AND voting to adopt the Relationship Agreement that is the result of Karen’s work with us. This document has been much massaged, edited, rewritten by up to 32 people and passed by Council—it may not be perfect, but let’s test drive it and see how it goes.