10/25/22: Bequest

Joe Collonge died Oct 25, 2020. Joe retired here from the Bay Area, a theatre enthusiast. He was one of those back-stage guys who had the technical and engineering know-how to make the magic happen. He befriended many actors. Joe was also a very active member of OLLI, where he met and later married Sally Klein in 2014 in our church, after they both became members.

Joe passed after declining with dementia, a long and slow good bye, leaving funds that were distributed to a number of people/entities. We, Congregational UCC of Ashland, were included. Because of Joe’s extraordinary generosity, we have now received $14,750 as a gift with no strings attached. The Finance Committee will now consider these monies and recommend how we might best honor Joe with his bequest.

We also have been notified of a Bequest made by Donna Swanson, totaling $10,000. What a generous lady! We will receive these funds after the estate is settled.

Have you considered making a bequest to the Church as part of your Will?