10/22/22: Invitation to join Self-Study Team

Our consultant, Rev. Dr. Karen McClintock, described the process she will employ to create healing in our church. It will consist of a Self-Study Team that will host many Listening Posts so that every one of us can attend one to have our story heard.

The Listening Posts will consist of about 8 of us, our consultant Karen McClintock, and two members of the Self-Study Team.  These small groups will gather at the church over the next few months at different times and different days. Couples and close friends are encouraged to attend separate posts. We hope that everyone will participate.

Council is now recruiting the Self-Study Team. We are seeking a good mix of folks. Please see the job description below. If you feel called to join this team, to work with our consultant to foster the healing we all seek, send your “application” to Linda Anderson, Moderator. Tell us your name, email, and write one or two paragraphs: Explain why you would like to be on the Self-Study Team.

Please indicate your interest by November 5th.

The Self-Study Team Job Description

This task-oriented team (5-8 people) will work with the consultant to…

  • Shape the questions for listening posts
  • Welcome and enlist participants to sign up for the listening post
  • Attend several listening post meetings as spiritual observer, or scribe
  • Collate data from scribes at listening post meetings
  • Assist the consultant in building a working list of strengths and recommendations

These folks will be selected by the council after they indicate interest. The Council will choose them based on skills needed, curiosity, open-mindedness, and availability. The team will meet a few times within the first month, then monthly, then a few times within the final month.  At the conclusion of the process a full report to the Council will be made by the team with recommendations.