10/11/23: Quarterly Meeting

There will be 2 big votes at our Oct 29th Quarterly Meeting:

#1. We will vote on the final budget. This budget is fully funded with pledges being within 1% of our goal–a huge HOORAY for us!!! You stepped up to the plate, filling the gap, raising pledging by 20%. That was a big ask—and you did it, with the gentle “nudging” from our most excellent Stewardship team (Greg Jahnke, Marsha King-Rosine, Kay Sandburg, Paul Smith). This budget funds COLA raises for our staff, a Sunday School teacher (newly hired Nancy Wilkinson), contract changes, etc.  A copy of this budget will be in the meeting packet.

#2. We will approve the Relationship Agreement that resulted from the work that Rev. Dr. Karen McClintock accomplished with us and defines how it is we agree to be church together. This document underwent considerable revision with input to council from many of you, and was approved by Council at their July meeting. Fred will hold a talk-back following church this coming Sunday in the event you want to understand more about it.

Elsewhere in this eWeekly, I have posted our newly named Search Team. It is with great excitement that we have put together this amazing team from our church to take on the large task of preparing our Profile, reading minister profiles, selecting the ones that “call” to us, interviewing, and finally selecting our next settled minister. We would expect that to be sometime next summer. Our next called minister would then be expected to give 90 days’ notice to his/her/their current church. Fred is expected to remain with us until the new minister is here. I am very grateful for Fred’s faithful and inspired presence with us and the flexibility in his schedule.