1/4/23: Coming Events

Happy New Year!

It is way past time to thank the excellent preaching we so appreciated during our 6 months without paid clergy. Our 8 local clergy and one non-clergy filled the pulpit with inspiration, food for thought, affirmation, and hope. We will thank them on Sunday, Jan 8th, with a cake following the service provided by Anya Tatarenko.

In September, Council approved the ByLaws, meticulously rewritten by Kari Gies, John Love, and Sandy Theis. CLICK HERE for documents provided by the committee. The office has a few copies available. Please take a little time to review and understand and gather any questions so that we can vote on these at our Quarterly meeting on 1/22/23. You can submit questions to me in advance—I’ll distribute to committee.

The other issue that we will vote on is our Worship calendar. It has been noted that our one InPerson service is getting quite full, suggesting that it is time we move to two InPerson services, with the early service being hybrid. Plan to bring your thoughts to the Quarterly meeting.

And then there’s the Boiler. When Brad installed this boiler 17-18 years’ ago, it was the most efficient form of heat he could find. Now there are new technologies. Brad has determined that we can repair the existing boiler for ~$650 in time for the 1/15/23 church service. It is unknown how long this boiler will last us. In the meantime, he will put a heater in the sanctuary for church this Sunday. With our warm tootsies, our FMMT Ministry Team can then work with Brad to find ways we can become more carbon neutral.

One final note, I will be sending out statements (next week) of your giving on the basis of the calendar year just ended. Included will be a statement of your pledging year-to-date. But the main focus is any and all giving you have made to the church for your tax purposes. As always, I am happy to answer any questions these statements might raise for you. I know it is confusing that pledging crosses 2 calendar years.