1/25/24 Giving Statements

Last Saturday, I sent out giving statements for the calendar year 2023 to all who made a contribution to the church, for your taxes. The donations are divided into Tax-deductable and non-tax-deductable and I added a pledge update for good measure—your pledge year-to-date for the fiscal year, from 7/1/23 to 630/24.

The reports are generated by Breeze from all of the deposits entered over the past year, thanks to Harley King and Carry Bailey for checks put in the plate, and to Breeze for the online contributions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

And you have access to this data yourself by going to Breeze. I will write more about your access to Breeze later. It is an impressive platform for managing our church population, giving, volunteering, calendar of events and more.