1/25/23: Celebrations

btw, there are a number of spaces for Listening Post on Tuesday, Jan 31st. Please consider that if you have not yet participated.

I ran short on time at the Quarterly meeting to fully celebrate the generous gifts of the FMMT & Bylaws Committee. So I will use this space to do so—please thank these folks when you see them.

The Facilities Management Ministry Team (now the Facilities Management Committee) works their magic mostly in the background:

  • Sherri Morgon has provided her amazing leadership to this team. A problem is identified, she gets bids and oversees the work and it gets done!
  • Karl Vischer has joined this group. Most notably he has patched the sorry looking faux leather sofas downstairs, transforming them into something quite passable. With the addition of 2 very fine sofas, this space is becoming quite inviting.
  • Don Wilson is our penultimate fix-it man for the myriad of tasks that need to be done, with Teri, his awesome partner.
  • Will Toth is the Council liaison and has worked side-by-side with this team.
  • Karl Wilderson is Groundskeeper
  • Chris Sohl semi-annually sets up our swamp cooler.
  • David King-Gabriel cleans our windows annually.
  • Brad Roupp provided us with temporary heat and boiler repair advice.

Major accomplishments are:

  • A new roof
  • A new Minister’s office—filled with Fred’s calming aesthetic—and ready for our next settled pastor
  • Preparation of the Morton House for the Tatarenko family
  • Boiler fixed—and investigating being green!
  • Plus so many more: tree removals, unplugging drainage to our parking lot, new church sign
  • This group gets so much done that we often don’t even see.


ByLaws Adhoc Committee

  • Kari Geis, Chair
  • John Love
  • Sandy Theis

This group has gone thru our ByLaws, line by line, word by word, comma by comma, transforming them into a new document that reflects how we organize and operate and who we are. Their work began back in the summer of 2021, while Robbin was our Interim—they asked for and got feedback from many of us, they held TalkBacks, reviewing the old vs new bylaws, seeking additional feedback, and finally submitted their final copy to the Council in September 2022. There was one tiny additional change that we made in December 2022 (adding “together” to following Jesus on the way of Radical Love). This is an EPIC, MONUMENTAL, TITANIC, COLLOSAL, and PRODIGIOUS contribution.