1/11/24 Quarterly Meeting

Each Quarter, we have an all-church meeting that occurs following the 10:30 church service, about noon.  You have time to get a cup of coffee and treat and visit—before we meet. This is an opportunity to make announcements about the business of the church—keep you abreast of our finances—and sometimes make decisions. This meeting will include two decisions.

One decision is a revision of our Bylaws to remove one of our Standing Committees: Reconciling. Many of us feel this work of reconciling is better left to professionals than church members, who mean well but are not necessarily trained in this kind of work. So the decision is whether or not to remove this committee from our Bylaws.

The other decision has to do with the Pride Flag. Fred will hold a TalkBack downstairs in the Common room following church on the 21st to discuss our displaying this flag, what it means, and how it reflects us. Do we wish to continue flying this flag? And if so, do we wish to upgrade to a newer form of the flag? If this is an issue that touches your heart, please plan to attend the TalkBack and be part of that discussion. My hope is that any issues are raised there so that we simply have a vote at the Quarterly Meeting.

I hope you will plan to attend.