1/11/23: Thank You!

            With a huge thanks to Phil Eschtruth-Harrison and Carry Bailey, we have an upgraded WiFi at the church. This will solve any bandwidth issues we were having (impacting zoom church) and allow for additional devices to be added for a better experience. This then will allow us to upgrade our zoom church, which will happen over time. The Morton House was also upgraded, so now the Tatarenkos are up and running with 5G. The idea here is that also the Shepherd Room now has access, as well.

            Last Sunday we honored our “bridge” preachers who filled our pulpit so excellently for the 6 months spanning May thru October. They include: Susan Alloway, David Brown, Mark & Cheryl Goodman-Morris, Fred Grewe, David King-Gabriel, Karen McClintock, Paula Sohl, and Jim Stumbo. In addition, we honored our Wisdom Council who have provided support and encouragement during this time: besides the preachers, this also includes Carry Bailey, Dorothy Brooks, Eileen Dunn, and Paul Robinson. When you see any of these wonderful folks, please give them a big THANK YOU! I missed this celebration (Al and I are still recovering from Covid, quarantining for the 5 days after testing negative)—and the delicious cake that Anya Tatarenko made. I am told no crumbs remained and everyone was fed. How perfect is that!

            If you have been downstairs to the Common Room, your eyes have surely been assaulted by the deplorable shape of the brown, faux-leather sofas. Check them out and THANK Karl Vischer for his solution—some new adhesive coverings that he used to cover up the unsightliness! This may not be a forever solution, but with the 2 lovely sofas (one from someone in Mountain Meadows and one from the Morton House), this is a much more comfortable place to meet.

            And while we are in a Thanking mood, let’s not forget Brad Roupp—who has moved a heater into the social hall so that we can worship in reasonable warmth, while we wait for the new part for the boiler. It takes a lot of people to keep all the gears running around here. So grateful for everyone!